about us

tinne+mia* never stop dreaming* believe in fairytailes*

colour outside the lines once in a while* count the stars*

*Tinne+Mia enjoy the little things in life. They have a weak spot for papers and fabrics, graphic prints and extraordinary typography.

Don’t just draw designs, but tell the most marvelous stories in a touchable product.


Inspiration comes from all directions: fashion, cities, traveling, poetry,  photography, music and architecture. Stationary, bags, pillows, bed linen and more. All with a 'French joie de vivre - classic, yet cheeky - and a Scandinavian twist. Refined in color and imagery. Classic and stylish. Feminine.


Tinne+Mia was founded in 2012 by Karien Kuijpers and Marjan Godrie.


In addition to the work for tinne+mia we are interested in cooperation in the field of design in a wide area.


Love, Karien


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